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Find the software solutions that best-fit your organization & integrate with your ERP in 3 steps

Step 1 | Outline your requirements & preferences

Every software looks good at the surface; it's the details that matter.
Use our "software profile" wizard to quickly outline what your business needs.

Step 2 | Algorithm & expert analysis

Your requirements are matched-up & analyzed against 20+ data points with the software solutions in the marketplace via our software matching algorithm & solutions experts.

Step 3 | Get detailed software recommendations

This is why we're here.
We deliver detailed breakdowns of your requirements, how products stack-up, and recommendations on why out of all of the softwares in the marketplace, X solution(s) fit your business best.

Get started building your software profile now and receive your detailed recommendations for best fit solutions in as little as 24 hours!

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Empower your software selection process with data.

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Best Solution

Data-driven analytics & input to help you identify the software that best-fits your organization.


Less of your time spent searching & less of your team's time spent sitting in demos. Less time and better results.


Saved time is great but so is cash staying in your pocket. Identify solutions that match and sell what you need and reduce wasted spending. Our platform is also 100% free!

This data is yours to use as you please! It's a no-brainer!

ERP & Accounting Platforms

The solutions analyzed & recommended through Solugence integrate with these & other major platforms.

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Find Software in These Categories

Every single day, these are the software categories that we help businesses find their best-fit solutions in.

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100% Accounting / Financial - Based Software Expertise

Why a data-driven approach to finding software?

% of failed implementations that attribute ‘missed requirements’ towards the reason the software didn’t work

# of months that it traditionally takes to find software

# of software demos & sales teams that it typically takes to deal with

% of software implementations that FAIL

We are making the process of finding software smarter

What sets Solugence apart?

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Simply a smarter approach to finding software.

Have questions?

Good question. None! Our only goal is to help you identify the best-fit software via data analysis. What you decide to do with that information is entirely up to you.

Absolutely not. We’ll help make the introduction with software vendors when you’re ready but we never mass-distribute your information.

We collect thousands of different data-points from solutions in the marketplace that we then analyze your requirements against. This is an algorithm in action.

Individuals or small groups of people that do nothing all day but focus on software landscapes. These are CPAs with Business Analyst backgrounds that are accustomed to understanding business processes and connecting the dots.

You can spend 5 minutes outlining your requirements & preferences OR you can spend 20 minutes going into more detail. Whatever you input is what our processes analyze.

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