Lease Accounting / Management Software

Lease Accounting / Management software is any application that assists with tracking leases, knowing when they expire & reporting on them in accordance with GAAP, IFRS and/or IRS rules (ASC 842). *Intended for lessees

What you'll find in a Lease Accounting / Management solution

Tight integrations with your
Accounting / ERP system

Track & manage leases for your organization

Built-in accounting rules to ensure GAAP/IFRS compliance
(Hello ASC 842!)

Wizards/tools to help determine the proper accounting types

Alerts & workflows surrounding expirations, renewals, new leases, etc.

Robust reporting capabilities to maintain accuracy and create proper disclosures

How to find the solutions that are the best fit for you


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A glimpse of what you receive

100% free & detailed recommendations provided to help you progress your software project by evaluating the best solutions that fit your specific business requirements.

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No more wasted hours, endless demos, and software that doesn’t fit your needs.

Solugence automatically analyzes dozens of solutions

a glimpse of the Lease Accounting solutions…

That integrate across all of the top accounting / ERP systems

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No more wasted hours, endless demos, and software that doesn’t fit your needs.

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Absolutely not. We’ll help make the introduction with software vendors when you’re ready but we never mass-distribute your information.

We collect thousands of different data-points from solutions in the marketplace that we then analyze your requirements against. This is an algorithm in action.

Individuals or small groups of people that do nothing all day but focus on software landscapes. These are CPAs with Business Analyst backgrounds that are accustomed to understanding business processes and connecting the dots.

You can spend 5 minutes outlining your requirements & preferences OR you can spend 20 minutes going into more detail. Whatever you input is what our processes analyze.

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