Certify vs Concur Expense Reporting: Which Suits You?

Manual expense is a mundane task. It’s no wonder why many employees hate filling expense reports and it is one of the highest potential areas for business fraud.

Thankfully, leading cloud-based expense reporting solutions Certify Expense and SAP Concur (among over 100 others+) are available to enhance the expense reporting process. 

What is an Expense Report?

To set the stage, when we say “Expense Reporting,” we’re referring to expenses incurred by employees that need to be recorded as business expenses. These “expense reports” can subsequently be reimbursed if the employee initially paid them, OR these expenses can be recorded against company credit cards.

Every expense contains the following key fields:

  1. The date the expense was incurred 
  2. The vendor where the expense was incurred
  3. Employee name
  4. Purpose of expense
  5. Incurred expense amount 

Why cloud-based Expense Report Software?

Expense report software introduces automation and simplification. This no-brainer software reduces paper-based processed and makes expense reporting incredibly easy to manage.

Why Ditch Manual Expense Reporting?

Certify Expense and SAP Concur: How Do They Stack Up?

We compare two Expense Reporting software that stands out: Certify Expense and SAP Concur.

certify logo Certify Expense is a web-based travel & expense management software for companies that want to quickly automate manual processes while receiving great administrative and end-user support for free.

concur logoSAP Concur simplifies travel, expense, and invoice management for total visibility and greater control expense management services to businesses.

 Certify ExpenseSAP Concur
Pricing$8 per user per monthPricing depends on options
UsersAt least 10 to1000+At least 2 to 1000+
User ratings4.7/5, 1220 ratings (Capterra)

4.5/5, 1564 ratings(G2 Crowd)

8.4/10, 79 ratings(Trust Radius)4.7/5, 1220 ratings(Get App)
4.2 /5, 1287 ratings(Capterra)

4.0/5, 5305 rating (G2 Crowd)

8.3/10, 664 ratings(Trust Radius)4.2 /5, 1290 ratings(GetApp)
Product Features Multi-currencies supported, Spend control available, Workflow management, Approval process control Time & Expense tracking,  User reviews for local businesses,  Client-side receipt backup, Custom categories,  Cloud receipt storageMulti-currencies, Spend control available, workflow management, Approval process control Time & Expense tracking, over 25-template reports, Online booking feature
Platform supportedMobile: Android, iOS,
Web: Cloud, windows, Apple
Mobile: Android, iOS,
Web: Cloud, windows, Apple
Onboarding TrainingDocumentation, In-person, Webinars, Live online Documentation, Webinars, Live online
Supporte-mail, phone, Tickets, Tickets, e-mail, phone
Integration Credit card integration, Quickbooks, SAP, Peoplesoft, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Accounting systems, Credit card Integration, ERP, e-receipts(hotels, restaurants, etc)
Security Encryption of sensitive data, HTTPS supported for all pages, multifactor authentication, reports/alerts on security breaches, Encryption of sensitive data, HTTPS supported for all pages, 

What stands out for Certify Expense Reporting?

  1. Fantastic Auto-fill feature to assist with accurate and incredibly quick data entry
  2. Great user interface both on mobile and desktop
  3. A complete end-to-end process (including payments)
  4. Simple pricing models available on the website

Pain Points

  1. ACH reimbursements come with an additional cost
  2. Third-party integrations save for Quickbooks must be handled by Certify

What stands out for SAP Concur Expense Reporting?

  1. A newly redesigned mobile app with a feature set that goes toe to toe with any solution on the market
  2. Backed by SAP but still has SMB-sized customers
  3. Highly configurable and customizable
  4. Dynamic ad-hoc reporting tools to create a self-service reporting environment

Pain points

  1. Pricing is often difficult to estimate and can vary across organizations that are very similar in structure and expense reporting volume.

Concur or Certify: Which One?

Software is never black and white, and what might work for one organization won’t work for the other. With that… there are defining factors that should lean organizations considering Concur vs. Certify in one direction or the other:

Robust Business Requirements: Winner = Concur

SAP acquired Concur in 2014 and that was no mistake. Concur can provide solutions to organizations to some of the largest solutions in the world (which are using SAP). With that, if your business has unique requirements that DO NOT fit the cookie-cutter business processes surrounding expense reporting, Concur becomes the clear winner here.

Focusing Heavily on Price: Winner = Certify

Certify pricing is available right on Certify’s website, and that’s typically a good sign. Those who display their pricing have little to hide. If you’re considering these 2 software & pricing is a heavy focus, Certify is the winner.

Concur is a feature-ridden solution with some of the largest companies in the world on their platform. With that, trying to come to suitable pricing with Concur might feel like trying to purchase a used automobile, and you’re not likely to walk away with a cost that’s as friendly as Certify.

Selecting a Suitable Expense Reporting Software

Want to find out whether Concur or Certify is best for you? Use our free expense reporting software matching tool which analyzes your requirements & provides free recommendations on which solutions fit you best (and why).


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