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Use the Solugence matching algorithm to seal the deal with a customer in your existing pipeline.

Obtain Referral Link

Click ‘Get Link’ above

Publish, Share or Refer

Publish the link via a simple creative or re-direct page (choice is yours). See ‘Vendor Creative Library‘ for examples.

Customer Receives Verification

Once a customer clicks your link, they complete a profile & then quickly receive detail on how their requirements stack up against your solution

Verification = Customer Deciding Factor


Customer receives detail on exactly how your solution stacks up against their requirements

3rd Party Perspective

A “referral” on steroids

Instant Separation

Detail on your solution that they won’t have for any of the others that they’re considering

**Each deliverable is sent to your team for review before sending to the customer.

See This Product Verification in Action

See “Additional Product A: Customer Verification for Product” in Solugence’s Standard Agreement for more details on the ‘Customer Verification’ process.