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Vendor | Abacus
Headquarters | New York City
Industry Focus
 | All
Excerpt | “Abacus Travel makes it simple to book travel and manage your T&E spend in one integrated real-time expense reporting system.”
Accounting / ERP Focus | QuickBooks, NetSuite, Sage Intacct, Xero, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle

Abacus Expense Reporting Software Logo


Vendor | Apptricity
Headquarters | Irving, Texas
Industry Focus
| Healthcare, Telecommunications, Energy, Education, Logistics & Transportation, Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, State & Local Municipalities
Excerpt | “Authorize Booking–>Book Travel–>Submit Report–>Approve Report–>Audit Report–>Analyze Spend
Accounting / ERP Focus | SAP, Epicor, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Microsoft Dynamics, Workday

Apptricity Expense Reporting Software Logo


Vendor | Bento
Headquarters | San Francisco, CA
Industry Focus
 | All
Excerpt | “Bento is built for small and midsize companies looking to grow their businesses while protecting their cash”
Accounting / ERP Focus | QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite, Sage Intacct

Bento Expense Reporting Software Logo


Vendor | Certify
Headquarters | Portland, ME
Industry Focus
 | All
Excerpt | “Gain deep data visibility into corporate spend with the remarkable usability of Certify Expense. Automatically create reports for employees, streamline approvals, and make reimbursement and reporting effortless for accountants.”
Accounting / ERP Focus | QuickBooks, NetSuite, PeopleSoft, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics
Website | https://www.certify.com/ExpenseReportsMadeEasy/

Certify Expense Reporting Software Logo

Chrome River Technologies

Vendor | Chrome River
Headquarters | Los Angeles, CA
Industry Focus | Accounting, Banking & Finance, Construction, Consulting, Education, Healthcare, Insurance, Legal, Manufacturing, Non-Profit, Retail, Sports, Technology, Transportation
Excerpt | “The latest, most modern expense management software”
Accounting / ERP Focus | NetSuite, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics
Website | https://www.chromeriver.com/products/expense-management/

ChromeRiver Expense Reporting Software Logo

Comdata ExpenseTrack

Vendor | Comdata
Headquarters | Brentwood, TN
Industry Focus | Distribution
Excerpt | “Corporate Cards–>Travel Expense Management”
Accounting / ERP Focus | Agnostic
Website | https://payments.comdata.com/corporate-payments/travel-expense-management-solutions/expense-track/

ComData Expense Reporting Software Logo


Vendor | SAP
Headquarters | Bellevue, WA
Industry Focus | All
Excerpt | “Get accurate and on-time reports with Concur Expense”
Accounting / ERP Focus | SAP, NetSuite, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Xero
Website | https://www.concur.com/en-us/expense-management/

SAP Concur Expense Reporting Software Logo
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Coupa Software

Vendor | Coupa
Headquarters | San Mateo, CA
Industry Focus | Consumer Packaged Goods, Education, Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Hospitality, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Non-Profit, Public Sector, Retail, Technology
Excerpt | “…provides visibility and control, global compliance, and a delightful user experience to help companies ensure expense report accuracy, reduce spend leakages, and pay employees on time.”
Accounting / ERP Focus | Agnostic
Website | https://www.coupa.com/products/expense-management/

Coupa Expense Reporting Software Logo


Vendor | DataBasics
Headquarters | Reston, Virginia
Industry Focus | All
Excerpt | “Time and Expense are better together. Our easy-to-use, all-in-one solution gives you the features and flexibility you need so you can get down to business.”
Accounting / ERP Focus | Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Sage Intacct, Oracle, SAP, Workday, Infor
Website | https://www.data-basics.com/

time and expense software databasics logo
*Full Features Profile Available*

Divvy Pay

Vendor | Divvy
Headquarters | Lehi, Utah
Industry Focus | All
Excerpt | “Corporate credit cards–>Say goodbye to expense reports.”
Accounting / ERP Focus | QuickBooks, NetSuite, Xero
Website | https://getdivvy.com/

expense reporting software divvy logo


Vendor | Expensify
Headquarters | San Francisco, CA
Industry Focus | All
Excerpt | “Introducing the Expensify Card–>For everyone who hates expense reports”
Accounting / ERP Focus | QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite, Sage Intacct, FinancialForce, Oracle
Website | https://www.expensify.com/

Expensify Expense Reporting Software Logo


Vendor | Fyle
Headquarters | Bengaluru, Karnataka
Industry Focus | All
Excerpt | “Effortless expense management for all business spends”
Accounting / ERP | QuickBooks, FinancialForce, NetSuite, Sage Intacct, Xero
Website | https://www.fylehq.com/

expense reporting software fyle logo


Vendor | Insperity
Headquarters | Kingwood, TX
Industry Focus | All
Excerpt | “File, approve, reconcile and reimburse expenses automatically. Plus, get built-in tools that safeguard your budget from excessive spenders.”
Accounting / ERP Focus | QuickBooks, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Website | https://www.insperity.com/products/expense-management/

Insperity Expense Reporting Software Logo


Vendor | Infiniti Software Solutions
Headquarters | Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Industry Focus | All
Excerpt | “Book Your Trip–>Choose & Manage Your Expense Record–>Attach Your Bills–>Settle Your Expenses”
Accounting / ERP | Agnostic
Website | http://www.expenseout.com/

ExpenseOut Expense Reporting Software Logo

Gorilla Expense

Vendor | Gorilla
Headquarters | Duluth, GA
Industry Focus | All
Excerpt | “Complete Spend Management | No More Paper”
Accounting / ERP Focus | Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Sage X3, Sage 300, Microsoft Dynamics 365
Website | https://www.gorillaexpense.com/

expense reporting software gorilla logo
*Full Features Profile Available*


Vendor | ImageTag
Headquarters | Tempe, AZ
Industry Focus | All
Excerpt | “Mobile Receipts–>Expense Report Creation–>Easy Approval–>Finance Integration–>Create Transactions”
Accounting / ERP Focus | Microsoft Dynamics
Website | https://www.kwiktag.com/kwikapps/kwikexpense/

Kwiktag Expense Reporting Software Logo


Vendor | MobileXpense
Headquarters | Brussels, Brussels Region
Industry Focus | All
Excerpt | “Get a grip on costs–>Open solution adaptive to your organization and processes–>Change proof global compliance–>Hassle-free expensing for happy employees”
Accounting / ERP Focus | Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP, NetSuite
Website | https://www.mobilexpense.com/

expense reporting software mobilexpense logo


Vendor | N2F
Headquarters | Péronnas, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
Industry Focus | All
Excerpt | “The software that manages your expenses from receipt to accounting”
Accounting / ERP Focus | QuickBooks, Cegid, SAP, Sage
Website | https://www.n2f.com/expense-report/

N2F Expense Reporting Software Logo


Vendor | Nexonia
Headquarters | Toronto, Ontario
Industry Focus | All
Excerpt | “Expense reporting isn’t your business. It’s ours. Find out how Nexonia can help you.”
Accounting / ERP Focus | Sage Intacct, NetSuite, QuickBooks, Xero
Website | https://www.nexonia.com/solutions/expenses/

Nexonia Expense Reporting Software Logo

Rydoo Expenditure

Vendor | Rydoo
Headquarters | Mechelen, Antwerp
Industry Focus | All
Excerpt | “Book business trips & manage expenses digitally”
Accounting / ERP Focus | QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, NetSuite, Exact Online, SAP, Xero
Website | https://www.rydoo.com/

expense reporting software rydoo logo
*Full Features Profile Available*


Vendor | SutiSoft
Headquarters | Los Altos, California
Industry Focus | Canada/HST, Government, Manufacturing, Medical, Pharma & Biotech, Professional Services
Excerpt | “AI-powered expense software to detect fraud and automate the expense reporting process”
Accounting / ERP Focus | Sage, QuickBooks, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics
Website | https://www.sutisoft.com/sutiexpense/

SutiExpense Expense Reporting Software Logo


Vendor | SpringAhead
Headquarters | Portland, ME
Industry Focus | All
Excerpt | “The quickest path from receipt to balance sheet.”
Accounting / ERP Focus | No
Website | https://tallie.com/

Tallie Expense Reporting Software Logo

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