Finding Software with Solugence - FAQ

Q.) What does Solugence do?

A.) Our platform helps business discover their best-fitting software solutions through data-driven analytics.

Q.) How does it work?

A.) Select a software category, use our wizard to outline your requirements & preferences & receive free detail on which solution(s) from the marketplace FIT YOU BEST.

Q.) How does Solugence identify my best matches?

A.) We collect thousands of different data-points from solutions in the marketplace that we then analyze your requirements & preferences against. This is our “Software Matching Algorithm” working its magic.

Q.) What do I receive?

A.) You’ll receive a detailed breakdown of how your requirements stack-up with solutions in the marketplace and exactly why some of the solutions have been identified as best fits. Here’s a sample.

Q.) How long does this take?

A.) You can spend 5 minutes outlining your requirements & preferences OR you can spend 20 minutes going into more detail. Whatever you input is what our processes analyze.

Q.) How is Solugence free?

A.) The information generated by our system is free because software vendors pay us a small fee if our algorithm identifies their solution as being the best fit for a customer.

We DO NOT sell out in any way, shape, or form and allow vendors to become “sponsors”, “preferred vendors”, “highlighted vendors” or any other sort of clever terminology where we would funnel customers towards their software solutions.  Solugence is a platform for those seeking software and our goal is 100% to ensure that the best solution is identified during the process.

Q.) What else does Solugence do with my data?

A.) Beyond identifying your best-fit solutions & with your agreement, we also make introductions between you and your best-fitting solutions. What you choose to do with the information provided and introductions is entirely up to you.

Q.) Will I get spammed at any point?

A.) Absolutely not! We’ll help make the introduction with software vendors when you’re ready but we never mass-distribute your information.

Q.) What if I know what some of my requirements are but I have no idea which software category it would fall under?

A.) Contact us!  We have solutions experts to assist with these exact situations.  You’re welcome to complete a profile in as many software categories as you’d like but our team can assist in ensuring your time is always being well-spent.

Q.) What will I need to complete my software category profile?

A.) A fair understanding of what your business needs (we’ll help you with that as you go). Don’t worry if you don’t know everything, you’ll have the ability to save and come back!

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