Solugence Vendors - FAQ

Q.) What if I have multiple solutions

A.) Not an issue. The Solugence platform is designed to allow multiple products being across multiple categories. Whichever category you’re enrolled in, you’ll receive fit leads when matched.

Q.) What if I have multiple solutions that fit into the same listed category

A.) Again, no issue at all. Simply complete your first solution enrollment & then start a new enrollment into the same category.

Q.) What if I have a single solution that fits into more than one listed category

A.) Each category might have tie-ins to other categories (ex.) Accounting category might have requirement/features referencing Inventory), however your solution will only be considered for matching in the category that a customer completes. If your solution does indeed fit into multiple categories, please complete an additional enroll for that separate category. If you have questions on which category(s) to enroll in, please contact us & we’d be happy to review.

Q.) What if the features of my solutions vary depending on being on-site vs on-prem?

A.) 2 options. If the solution offerings are drastically different depending on deployment option, we recommend enrolling each deployment option as a separate solution. If the solution offerings have similar functionality, list the full capabilities of the 2 combined systems & pay extra attention to the pricing options in the final section of your category.

Q.) What happens if my solution is mis-represented?

A.) We understand that certain areas of a profile can be misunderstood or terminology may be different but if there is ever a question, please denote ‘Not Sure’ or contact our team of solutions analysts via email or phone.  If the profile section ever feels to be in a grey area, please err on the side of caution.  This ensures we’re maintaining an effective platform & delivering the best results,  We’re constantly reviewing enrollments & discussing statuses with customers.  Any misrepresentation can lead to a hold being placed on your profile or a full removal from the Solugence platform.

Q.) What's the cost?

A.) Pricing is a simple standard rate per referral There is ZERO cost to enroll & ZERO subscription costs for being enrolled on the Solugence platform.

The overall process looks like:

  • We match incoming customers to your solution
  • We allow you the ability to preview a customer and accept/decline the customer
  • We make an introduction between you & the customer
  • We bill a flat-rate

For more information on the pricing, please view our Vendor Partnership Agreement.

Q.) Is the data in my created profile used for any other purposes?

A.) Your input data’s main purpose is to be used by our internal matching algorithm in order to identify the best solution for a customer.  Your profile data is never publicly shared but may be aggregated with other profiles to deliver analytics to YOU. This service is still in beta but will provide reports such as “most requested features”, “trends in customer preferences”, etc.

Q.) What if when completing a profile, I can't complete it in one sitting?

A.) No problem.  You can save and resume your progress at a later date without issue.  Our platform is also mobile friendly and can easily be completed on the go.

Q.) What is the "Partner" component to all of this?

A.) Partners enrolled on our platform denote their areas of expertise, industry experience, geographical location, etc.  When we match a customer to your solution and there’s a partner whom we feel might be able to assist with the sales, implementation, maintenance cycle, we pass along their contact information.  Getting in contact with that partner is completely optional but our intended goal is to add visibility to your potential alliances.

Q.) What is a "fit referral"

A.) A fit referral is a fully qualified lead where the customer requirements “fit” into the solution that the lead is attributed team. The Solugence team lives by this term and our goal is to ensure that this fit lead leads to as short of a sales cycle as possible in order to benefit both the customer and solution provider.

Q.) Where can I view the full vendor agreement?

A.) View our Vendor Strategic Alliance Agreement or Contact our vendors team for additional information, questions, or concerns.

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