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Asset Accountant

Vendor | AssetAccountant™
Headquarters | Brisbane, Queensland
Industry Focus
| All
Excerpt | “AssetAccountant is a best-of-breed Software as a Service subscription. Built for both accounting firms and corporates, it completely manages the depreciation compliance of fixed asset registers. Our clients achieve 2 main benefits:

  1. Drastically improved efficiencies and accuracy over incumbent spreadsheets or antiquated desktop software.
  2. They typically realize 10x ROI or better after subscribing.“

Accounting / ERP Focus | QuickBooks, Xero, Sage Intacct
Website |

Asset Accountantn Fixed Assets Software Logo


Vendor | Wasp Barcode Technologies
Headquarters | Plano, Texas
Industry Focus
| Any
Excerpt | “AssetCloud provides you with an intelligent view of the past, present, and future of all asset interactions for your organization.”
Accounting / ERP Focus | Agnostic
Website |

Wasp AssetCloudn Fixed Assets Software Logo

Asset Panda

Vendor | Asset Panda
Headquarters | Frisco, Texas
Industry Focus
| All
Excerpt | “With Asset Panda, you get easy-to-use fixed asset management software that puts everything you need to know in one convenient place.”
Accounting / ERP Focus | Agnostic
Website |

Asset Pandan Fixed Assets Software Logo


Vendor | Webscreations Design Ltd
Headquarters | Nairobi, Kenya
Industry Focus
| Government, Religious Organizations, Higher Education
Excerpt | “AsseTrack is a web-based asset management software designed for the efficient management of any company’s fixed assets. Each institution needs to know the value of their fixed assets, their location, custodian, the date they were checked out, expected return date, and the current status of each asset.”
Accounting / ERP Focus | Agnostic
Website |

AssetTrackn Fixed Assets Software Logo


Vendor | AssetWorks, LLC.
Headquarters | Wayne, Pennsylvania
Industry Focus | Any
Excerpt | “Maintain Proper Stewardship of Assets and Ensure Regulatory Compliance Across the Fixed Asset Lifecycle, with Trusted Fixed Asset Software and Solutions”
Accounting / ERP Focus | Agnostic
Website |

AssetWorks Fixed Assets Software Logo

Bloomburg Tax & Accounting

Vendor | Bloomberg Industry Group
Headquarters | Arlington, Virginia
Industry Focus
| Any
Excerpt | “Automate your fixed assets management
Improve productivity and avoid costly errors with automation software that manages the complete fixed assets life cycle – from construction and purchase to retirement. Regardless of your company size, our software is scalable to handle any number of users, assets, and locations.”
Accounting / ERP Focus | Agnostic
Website |

fixed assets software bloomberg tax accounting logo

Powerplan Fixed Assets Suite

Vendor | PowerPlan, Inc.
Headquarters | Atlanta, Georgia
Industry Focus
| Utilities, Oil & Gas, Any
Excerpt | “Tracking, managing and optimizing data about fixed assets, from creation to retirement, can be an ongoing challenge. PowerPlan’s Fixed Asset Suite was purpose-built to enhance the information in any ERP or EAM system.”
Accounting / ERP Focus | Agnostic
Website |

PowerPlan Fixed Assets Software Logo

ProSeries Fixed Asset Manager

Vendor | Intuit, Inc.
Headquarters | Mountain View, California
Business Focus | Small Business (SMB)
Industry Focus
| All
Excerpt | “Allows you to easily track assets and calculate depreciation automatically.”
Accounting / ERP Focus | QuickBooks, Agnostic
Website |

Intuit Fixed Assets Software Logo
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Sage Fixed Assets

Vendor | Sage Group plc
Headquarters |
Newcastle upon Tyne
Industry Focus
| All
Excerpt | “Sage Fixed Assets offers four modules that give the flexibility to manage the entire fixed asset lifecycle from acquisition to transfer and disposal.”
Accounting / ERP Focus | Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 500, Sage Intacct, Sage X3, Agnostic
Website |

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Vendor | UpKeep
Headquarters | Los Angeles, California
Industry Focus
| Manufacturing, Equipment, Facilities, Agriculture, Hospitality, Restaurants, Non-Profit, Religious Organizations
Excerpt | “Asset depreciation tracking made simple
Know the value of assets you perform maintenance on. View depreciation of equipment and machinery without leaving your CMMS.”
Accounting / ERP Focus | Agnostic
Website |

UpKeepn Fixed Assets Software Logo


Vendor | xAssets
Headquarters | Wilmington, Delaware
Industry Focus
| All
Excerpt | “Fixed Asset Management Software that fits your business.

  • Easy to use asset register with rich functionality
  • Rapidly configured to fit your processes and reporting
  • No installation needed
  • Excellent time to value”

Accounting / ERP Focus | Agnostic
Website |

XAssetsn Fixed Assets Software Logo

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