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What is Fraxion?

Spend management software for purchase requisitioning and approvals, expense management, AP workflow automation, and spend analysis.

Automate and simplify how you manage your business spend and say goodbye to rogue spending with unauthorized suppliers, approval bottlenecks and time consuming AP processes.

-Easy-to-use and enables you to request, review and approve spend, wherever you are.

-Ensure budget control and policy compliance.

-Improve accountability, auditability and internal control.

-Guides purchasing decisions with budget insight, alerts, email and in-app notifications.

Speed up procure-to-pay processes, spend smarter and save with proactive spend management.

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Reviews / Testimonials

“Centralise procurement”

Comments: When we initially started we had more than sufficient training and since we’ve been using CSR, the support has been swift and issues were resolved within a matter of hours. Overall the experience with Fraxion and dealing with the team and the software has been positive.

Pros: Having the opportunity and advantage of centralising the procurement function within the company and creating a solid workflow whereby users can easily create and request for certain expense items while still staying within an allocated budget. The audit trails is also a big advantage for finding and resolving issues while making purchases. It is also straightforward to add new companies and to administer new users to the system.

Cons: Haven’t had any issues thus far.

“Fraxion – Great Spend Management Product”

Comments: Fraxion has enabled us to use the system as we need, all while abiding by the polices we have in place as a company.

Pros: Fraxion is great for enabling a company to adhere to their spend management policy. The system has the ability to be as granular as you need. The approval flow that the product allows is very nice and easy to set up. The system setup is logical, easy and the administration of the system is very simple once the setup is complete. Fraxion has been able to accommodate the couple of customizations we have requested and then they make available for other companies in future upgrades. The support team is top notch at Fraxion, the people they employee are very knowledgeable and easy to work it.

Cons: The only con I can think of would be better documentation for the end users (administrators) so they could troubleshoot issues on their own. With saying that I have never had any issues with support helping me in a timely manner. I have inquired about this and they are always improving the system and their thoughts are the documentation could be outdated very quickly.

“Highly recommended”

Comments: I would highly recommend this product. It has out performed all of my expectations.

Pros: Allows you to determine your own routing rules for authorization.
Allows you to have multiple Request Types.
Very flexible and easy to administer.
Allows for separation of duties: Purchasing Vs Receiving and Payables.
Allows for multiple users at multiple locations access to the same data.
Integrates easily
Excellent archive for documents & attachments to support the entire purchase transaction.
Excellent audit trail & support for audits.
Ability to review budget to actual before purchase can be approved.
Excellent & timely support.

Cons: Hardest part is defining your own process or needs, first.

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