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What is Gorilla Expense?

Gorilla Expense is a cloud-based and on-premise spend management software designed to help businesses handle receipts, capture mileage, allocate costs, and streamline expense reporting processes in compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) regulations.

Administrators can maintain an audit trail including a record of changes with the date or time stamps and descriptions to identify, deter, and handle potential frauds.

Gorilla Expense enables organizations to store receipts in a centralized repository and create charts, graphs, or ad-hoc reports to gain visibility into performance, and travel and expense (T&E) data.

Managers can approve, decline, view, save, and redirect submitted expense reports to other departments for final approval. Travelers can automatically import corporate credit card transactions to expense reports and synchronize receipt data across mobile or web devices.

The mobile application also helps staff members designate expenses as reimbursable or non-reimbursable, capture images of receipts, view timesheets, choose currencies, locations, or vendors to submit mileage information, and more.

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“Gorilla Expense is so good that it’s a bullet point on my resume. It is the best of both worlds (Expensify and Concur). [In addition], their support is one of the best I have ever experienced in 25 plus years of working with IT vendors from Sun to IBM to Cisco.”

– Scott W, Senior Director of IT | Coordinated Health

“We selected Gorilla Expense over Concur and it has met our expectations in every way. I will absolutely recommend Gorilla Expense to any Concur customers who are considering to switch.”

– Hilda Haddad, Controller | Monrovia

“We deployed Gorilla Expense On-Premise for users spread across the world. Gorilla Expense works with multiple currencies and multiple accounting systems fairly well. It is a robust enterprise solution.”

– Babu B, Financial Systems Manager | BS&B

Great case studies available @ Gorilla.com/Thank-You-Case-Study/

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