A True Partnership

And a platform that benefits everyone involved.

Interested in becoming a partner?

Are you involved with any of the following?

Content Provider / Industry Expert

Does your content make you a resource or a thought-leader in a particular B2B niche or industry?

Professional Services Provider

Do your clients look to you for answers to everything (including software)?

Software Reseller

Sell software as a VAR?

What's in it for you?

Fame and fortune.

Referral Commission

Revenue sharing or pay-per-click. Substantial income for referring your clients to a FREE tool that helps them identify software. Win. Win. 🏆

Sales Opportunities With New Customers

The solutions enrolled on Solugence are typically directly with the vendor. Where they cannot be, we look to our partners that are certified VARs to connect with customers. New customers & sales. ✔️

First Dibs With Your Customers

If a customer of yours uses Solugence in their software discovery process, we work with your team to ensure the matched software is in your portfolio. Customer re-engagement. 👍

Access to Solugence as an RFI/RFP Tool

Identifying best-fit software solutions based on requirements is what our platform does. Your team gains access to Solugence to utilize as a tool with or on behalf of your clients. ⚙️

Professional Service Opportunities

Have a connection with the customer or their recommended software? We communicate your status to the connected vendor. Hello new relationships. 💛


We create content but also look to our partners for great, thought-provoking content. If you post a great article and would like additional exposure, we’d love to highlight that content for our visitors as well. 📈

What's in it for us?

Help us help others.


If a customer request fall outside of your area of expertise, Solugence is in your toolbox and can assist with connecting them with the best software solution that fits their specific requirements.

Better Results

If we believe you as a partner will benefit the process and experience for organizations, we recommend your services be considered when connecting a customer with a software solution.


We frequently reach-out to experts in software categories or industries to ensure our platform is comprehensive and up to date in each category.

What does the enrollment process look like?

The sign-up process is incredibly simple.


Create free partner account.

Enter Basic Information

Experience w/ {solutions}, {industries}, in {locations}, etc.

Review & Confirmation

Our team reviews your submission & follows-up to confirm enrollment.

How does it work?

The partnership is confirmed. Now what?

Referral via Link

You’ll receive a unique link that tracks customer visits & can be displayed to your visitors. Clicks & conversions add up quickly!

Referral via Customer Profile

If a customer creates a profile & references your organization, it’s tracked towards your account.

Professional Service Follow-Ups

As opportunities arise, we work with your team to make introductions & loop into engagements.

Sales Opportunities Follow-Ups

See Vendor section for full details.

Who are Solugence Partners

If you have visitors, listeners, or clients interested in software, Solugence is a free tool for them & makes for a great partnership for you.

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