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What is Rydoo?

“Rydoo reinvents and simplifies your travel and expense management to just a few clicks and photos, whilst saving time and optimizing costs. Our complete solution integrates an intuitive booking service for business travelers with central billing and a unique tool that allows employees to expense on-the-go

– Speed up your expense process
– Integrate with your ERP
– Increase your expense policy compliance
– 100% mobile: expense anywhere, anytime”

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“For us (Deloitte), it is very important to constantly innovate our processes and tools, to reduce administration and to increase efficiency. Thanks to Rydoo, we know faster how much we spent on a certain project or client. During the implementation of Rydoo, we extensively communicated through posters, company videos, training sessions, and so on. But a lot of users didn’t even need training. The app is very intuitive”

– Cindy Peeters, Financial Director at Deloitte Belgium

“The transparency went from zero to 100%. Before Rydoo, when I wanted to check one receipt, I had to go to the folder in the office. Now, I go into the Rydoo app when I’m working from home and just open the receipt. Usability for me is very simple because you don’t even need to have an explanation. You just flick through Rydoo and then you know what you have to do if you want to submit your travel expenses”

– Rene Gozta, Financial Controller at Burger King Germany

“At some point our CEO told us he didn’t understand why a technological company used so much paper and he had to sign expenses for $1 a piece. Six months later, we were using Rydoo. It helped us to become fully digital and stop working with physical documents. It even made it easier to retrieve certain documents as Rydoo has all the original copies saved as PDF”

– Clarice Oliveira, Treasurer at NEC Brazil

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