How Does it Work

“If you’re looking for a software solution that integrates with your ERP, you have to use this. It may save you months of yours and your team’s time as well as ensure your entire implementation gets off on the right foot with the right software”

– Alan H,

When to Use Solugence

When you are looking for financial-based software that integrates with your accounting/ERP solution.

Software Categories

Why We're Here

How it Works

Step 1 | Outline your requirements & preferences


Step 2 | Solugence algorithm analyzes your data against software solutions in the marketplace


Step 3 | Receive detailed recommendations on which solutions stack up best with what you need

What You Receive

Detailed breakdowns of which solutions stack up best and why. This is 100% free information for you to do with as you please.

How Long Does it Take?

5-10 minutes of your time

Outline your requirements and preferences via our software wizard. Easy.

24 hours of our time

Once your software profile is submitted, our algorithm automatically matches solutions against your input. Our solutions experts who have deep expertise in our categories also weigh-in.

What Sets Solugence Apart

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Solugence Mantra

We have one mission and that’s to assist businesses find the best software solution that fits them.  We truly believe in our mission and through trials and triumph know the approach that our team has created is the best approach to discovering software.

Our platform is 100% free to customers and we never compromise our integrity, platform, or mission by selling out.  Customers will always be connected with the best software solution that fits their business and will be led down a path to a successful implementation.  Welcome to Solugence!

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