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See (in detail) how your requirements match up against {insert solution} name using Solugence’s AI-matching algorithm.

We’ve partnered up with Solugence (independent 3rd party) to quickly provide detailed breakdowns of how {insert solution} matches up against your requirements. See your breakdown HERE.

Perform a fit-gap & see how your requirements stack up against {insert solution} via Solugence’s matching algorithm (independent 3rd party).

Want to see how well our product stacks up against your requirements (in detail)? Click HERE to use Solugence’s fit-gap process.

Spend 5 to 15 minutes to outline your requirements via Solugence’s wizard and receive a detailed breakdown of how your requirements stack up against {insert solution}.

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Fit-Gap Analysis

We’ve teamed up with Solugence to provide organizations with the ability to complete full fit-gap analysis against their requirements and {insert solution}.

Solugence is a 3rd party organization that matches companies with best-fit software solutions & specializes in {software category X}.

See how your requirements stack up in 2 simple steps.

  1. Use Solugence’s wizard below to outline your requirements & preferences
  2. Once submitted, Solugence analyzes your requirements & spits out detail on EXACTLY how {insert solution} fits your requirements. (Sample)
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