The Power of Fit Referrals

If your solution is the best fit for our customers, they become your customers.

How does it work for Solugence Vendors?

Step 1: Create Profile

Create a profile for your software solution

Step 2: Receive Customer Fit Lead

As customers complete profiles in your category, our matching algorithm identifies the best software solution and we make the connection.

Step 3: Win

With a detailed listing of customer requirements and why your solution is the best match, the closing process has never been easier.

3 simple steps.

Why does it work?

Customer Confidence

Our matching algorithm has identified your solution as the best fit and the customer has a detailed explanation of why.

Talking Points

At the time of a customer match, we provide a full listing of the fits, partial fits, or gaps with your solution.  The ability to present towards a customers true interests has never been clearer. 

Shorter Sales Cycle

Customers have spent a lot of time formulating their requirements, know what they’re looking for, and your solution is the best match.

Tried and proven.

What does it cost?

No sign-up fee and no subscription costs

You read that right.

A simple pay-per-referral model

We work hard to ensure referrals coming through are high-quality & high-converting. We also allow your team to review before accepting & bill at a simple standard rate when introducing your team to a qualified referral.

Zero commitments.

What else?

Set it and forget it

Once you create your profile, we begin delivering you leads. That’s it. Category requirements will change over time & we’ll notify you when they do that you can easily update your account should you wish to do so.

Data Security

Your involvement in the process is completely between your organization, Solugence, & the customers whom have matched to your software solution. Profile details are not shared.

Industry Research*

Our platform constantly analyzes customer requests and trends in each particular software category. This information can be shared to be taken into consideration for your product roadmaps and to further enhance your solution offering.
*Product in beta

A simple process to begin receiving fit leads.

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