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What is Vivid Reports?

Vivid Reports CPM (Corporate Performance Management) solution provides a sophisticated financial reporting and budgeting framework that delivers unprecedented processing speed, ease of use, and security.

It transforms Microsoft Excel® into a secure presentation and analysis work space. Additionally, CPM is powered by a lightning fast SQL Server® reporting engine.

Vivid Reports CPM enables professionals to quickly produce, deliver, and analyze powerful financial reports and budget models.

Our software empowers team members and stakeholders to immediately access the financial information and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) they need to gain valuable insight. This ensures targets are met and will help organizations achieve maximum financial performance.

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“We recently purchased Vivid Reports because we needed a solution that allowed for over 400 columns for our job cost reports. I have to admit it was daunting when I started using it because it does so much, but WOW! It was not difficult to learn.

Their training is fantastic and recorded for your future use. We created a small report during training, using our data. Then, when I needed to create my big report I opened the training video and followed it step by step. Adding the 400+ columns in the report I created literally took less than 2 minutes. In Management Reporter, it would have taken hours. Vivid is in Excel, so adding columns, rows, formatting, etc. were things I already knew how to do.

My company also includes prior period data in each column of the job cost reports and Vivid handles that easily too – yes, you can have data from more than one period in the same column. We are in the process of implementing GP document attachment and Vivid will allow us to drill down on those documents from within the financial reports. Our contact and their support team always responds quickly, which has not been the case with other third party reporting software tools I have used. Our finance team loves Vivid Reports and we can’t wait to get everything moved to it.

I would highly recommend that you look into this software. I have over 20 years experience in GP – as a controller, a GP consultant, and a GP admin and I have not seen a better, easier, more flexible reporting tool.”


“Instead of taking the better part of a day to prepare the information for our financial statements Vivid Reports does it in minutes. Users can answer more questions on their own now and we don’t have to rely on our IT department either. We are using Vivid Reports with Dynamics AX 4.0 and have over 100 departments.”

Ridley Inc.

“We have eight separate Dynamics GP databases that store over 20 individual companies. Vivid Reports allows us to create virtually any statement format we want and report across the entire organization from a single Excel worksheet. The numerous features of Vivid all add up to save us a huge amount of time. The system was installed and the training completed in a day.”

Paterson Global Foods

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