Webinar – How to Implement Dynamics ISVs

Join us @ MSDynamicsWorld.com for ‘How to Implement a Dynamics Add-On Without Regrets’.

This 45-minute webinar will ensure your next implementation is your BEST implementation.

  • The 5 Ps that should be followed for every implementation
  • How to prepare your requirements
  • How to select software based on your requirements
  • How to utilize a development environment before purchasing
  • How to pick your implementation date and which method to follow (hard cutover, parallel, soft go-live, etc.)
  • Ensuring you don’t become the department villain post-implementation
  • Takeaways checklists for your next implementation

Register today (for free) @ https://msdynamicsworld.com/event/how-implement-dynamics-erp-add-without-regrets

Automate the process of identifying which software stacks up best with your requirements. Select your category & get started today.

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